Name of lecturer: Jiri Stovicek

Briefly about the lecturer: Jiri loves all kinds of games, his family and red wine which he cannot drink due to allergy. He spent 6 years programming BI applications, participated on evolution algorithms research, dedicated 4 years to building startup GoodData and nowadays manages IT projects in MSD. After years of technical work Jiri found out that soft-skills is not just a buzzword and developing them improve the life. He is always willing to discuss all of that over a cup of coffee.

Length of the workshop: 90 minutes

Contents of the workshop: Discussion on building startups and Jiri’s experience from both startup and corporate.

Aim of the workshop: Give people an opportunity to ask about things they would otherwise learned the hard way, spending a lot of time and money.

When is it appropriate to visit the workshop: If you believe there is something Jiri knows and you don’t but you should.

Minimum number of participants: 10

Maximum number of participants: 50

Price per workshop: 350 CZK